Daily Check-In 9/8/2017

Friday.  Another week down.


Per the Washington Post, Robert Mueller has informed the White House that he wants six current and former White House aides to interview with his team, in connection with his investigation.

Those people are Sean Spicer, Reince Preibus, Hope Hicks, Don McGahn, James Burnham, and Josh Raffel.

Sean Spicer, aka Shouty Spice, is the former White House Press Secretary.  Reince was the original Chief of Staff.  Hope Hicks is the current White House Communications Director.  Don McGahn is the White House Counsel.  James Burnham is one of his deputies, and Josh Raffel is Jared Kushner’s spokesman.

McGahn and Burnham were involved in the Sally Yates discussions about Michael Flynn back in January, when she, as Acting Attorney General, informed them of Flynn’s dubious past connections, and that he could potentially be compromised.

These are the only people so far that have been confirmed by the press, but it is likely that Mueller will ask to interview more people, including Trump family members, before too long.


CNN released this story about how Trump’s personal Lawyer, Michael Cohen, was working with Felix Sater on an attempt to build a new Trump Tower in Moscow.  The deal included $4 million in an upfront licensing fee, Trump Organization would be in charge of all marketing and licensing, construction would be carried out by someone else, Trump would get a percentage of all sales, and the spa would be named after Ivanka Trump.

This was during the Presidential campaign.  While Donald Trump was running for office.  I know emoluments isn’t as sexy as treason, but it’s still a big fucking deal.  Aside from profiting from foreign governments, Trump’s properties overseas are nothing more than fronts for money laundering.  I hope to go into more detail on that later.


Here’s an interesting one from Twitter.  Supposedly, the weirdest of the Alt/Rogue users was Steve Bannon.  I have to check my history, but I think I tried to start a fight with him.

I haven’t talked about these accounts yet, so here’s the short (for me) version.  Following Trump’s inauguration, he made several unusual demands of the Parks Department, concerning what they could say on social media, and trying to censor any talk about climate change.  Several long time employees of the Parks Department were all “fuck that noise,” and created several unauthorized Twitter accounts, like Alt Yellowstone, and Alt Yosemite, or Rogue Grand Canyon.  They leaked a bunch of stuff to the public.  As Trump tried to crack down on them, more Alt and Rogue accounts appeared all over Twitter, like Angry White House Staffer, Rogue Senior Adviser, and Alt Scales of Justice.  They all proved to be valuable sources of info, and all seemed to be well and true on the side of the Resistance, as long as you take a grain of salt on what’s said.

All except one.

Roue POTUS Staff.  That one was a weird Mother Fucker.  While everyone else was talking about solidarity, equality, and standing up against fascism and tyranny, Rogue POTUS Staff was trying to foment distrust, incite violence, and just generally being a dick.  There was something off about that guy.  It became obvious when, while everyone else was rallying against the administration and Steve Bannon, Rogue POTUS Staff would go “All hope is lost” like the Steward of Gondor in Return of the King.

Why would he act so weird?  And why did that account stop posting around the time Bannon was fired?

Because Bannon was Rogue POTUS Staff.

Rogue Senior Advisor announced on their feed today Banon was, and still may be, Rogue POTUS Staff.  He created the account as as attempt to keep tabs on the Resistance, and potentially pull off a disinformation, or deza, campaign.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Problem is, several people caught on early in the game.  Once again, Louise called it months ago.  I thought there was something off about him with the way that his account suddenly turned all doom and gloom just as things started shining for the rest of the Resistance.  Plus, there were some tweets that sounded like he was functionally drunk.  I think I might have tried to argue with him once, but I’m not sure.  I spend a lot of time on Twitter nowadays.

That’s it for today.  If possible, I’m going to write an article or two this weekend.  Drip, Drip, Drip, and little something about Soccer, FIFA, Trump, and how the national flag of Panama might as well be a washing machine filled with cash.

Thank you and have a good one.

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