Daily Check-In 9/1/2017

It’s Friday. It’s September.


At some point in the last few months, Robert Mueller got his hands on the original rough draft of the letter used as justification to fire James Comey. The New York Times reported that the letter, written by Stephen Miller, included references to how Comey would not publicly exonerate him from being investigated. Lawyers said that this was “very problematic” for them. That’s legalese for completely fucked.


As I’m writing this, Eric Garland is laying out one hell of a thread about another Russian motivation behind the election.

Money behind fossil fuels.

Russia’s GDP, which is roughly half of California’s, is based almost entirely on oil and other fossil fuels. They have nothing else. And we’re well past the point of saying fossil fuels don’t have an impact on climate change.

The future is clean energy. Wind, solar, nuclear, these are how we’ll produce electricity from here on out. Transportation is becoming electrified. Only an idiot, someone on the take, or both would push for more fossil fuels.

Enter Donald Trump.

The coal-loving, wind farm hating, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Donald Trump.

Look at all of the anti-environmental actions that Trump took after coming to power.

The CEO of Exxon is the Secretary of State.

The head of the EPA is a climate change denier and on the Koch Brothers payroll.

The head of the Energy Department is a fracker from Oklahoma.

The Education Department wants to strip science funding if schools teach climate change.

The Transportation Department wants to relax fuel mileage standards.

By pushing a pro-oil agenda in the United States, the Russians get about ten years of solid oil sales and a thriving economy. If the US goes clean, Russia is bankrupt.

That’s all for tonight, the phone is about to die.

Thank you, and have a good one.

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