Daily Check-In 8/28/2017

Time for another week.


Two names that are coming to the forefront this week are Felix Sater and Michael Cohen.

Felix Sater is a long time “business associate” of Donald Trump, who specializes in real estate development and has had tons of contacts with the Russian Mafia, supposedly all the way up to Putin’s inner circle.

Michael Cohen is Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer. He’s been involved in a lot Trump’s shadier deals in the last decade. He’s been called Donald Trump’s Third Son.

In the last 24 hours, reports have come out that both of them had extensive contacts with Russia after the campaign had already started about opening a hotel in Moscow, with the Trump name, using financing backed by the Oligarchs/Russian Mafia, in clear violation of the Magnitsky Act. This was while Trump was running for President. Felix Sater bragged about how this deal would “win them the Presidency.”

If this doesn’t sound illegal enough, here’s a couple more pieces.

The Presidential Campaign has repeatedly claimed to have no contacts with Russia, then a couple, then a few, but none as early as October 2015.

Trump leasing his name would require rescinding of the sanctions against Russia for it to take place.

Real estate is the easiest way to launder large amounts of money.

This is big. This puts two more people with direct business ties to Donald Trump in direct connection with Russia.

Michael Cohen lawyered up in May. According to rumors, Felix Sater flipped on Trump a while back.

We are well passed the land of coincidence.


North Korea fired a missile or three over Japan. Details are still coming in.


Houston is underwater. It’s gonna a long time until that’s cleaned up. Trump is scheduled to visit Texas on Tuesday. Somehow, he’ll make himself the victim. That’s NPD for ya…


The twitterverse is in a little turmoil. Claude Taylor announced earlier that he was fed a lot of disinformation about Schneiderman and human trafficking charges. This isn’t the first time he’s been catfished. Him, Louise, and other members of this part of the Resistance are under attack recently. More than usual, that is. Disinformation is a common trick used by the Russians, but why feed a couple people on twitter this?

To destroy credibility.

Though not always accurate, those two have been ahead of the curve. They knew a lot of the Trump connections and reported them before the MSM. From following them, I knew about Felix Sater months ago. A lot of people look up to them. And if their credibility gets trashed, so does this part of the Resistance.

Funny thing is, there’s a good chance that they tried to catfish Claude to discredit future reports that might come out about Trump’s ties to human trafficking charges. As Captain Sheridan said “Always put a little piece of truth inside of a lie. It makes the lie easier to swallow.”


Months ago, according to the Washington Post, Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bury the Joe Arpaio case. He asked this because Joe was a friend.

This establishes a pattern of Trump’s complete lack of respect for the legal system, and puts the Comey requests to end the Russian Investigation in a new light.

Hopefully, this is all that happens tonight.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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