Daily Check-In 8/21/2017

It’s Eclipse Day in America. Sure, a total solar eclipse happens about once every two years, but it’s America dammit. This is special.

This is going to be a short one today.

The Secret Service is broke. They’ve blown through their budget for the year because Donald Trump has a massive family of scumbags, and he’s constantly on vacation.

Stories are coming out of the White House about how they treat Trump like a toddler. Maybe because his mental development stunted before then? He is incapable of learning new things, doesn’t weigh options, and is a general embarrassment.

On the same page, another report claims that White House staffers are killing more stories than the public thought possible about Trump. They range from temper tantrums, conspiracy theory stuff, being openly racist and sexist behind closed doors, and just being a general dick.

It’s still too early to see what Steve Bannon will do now that he was fired from the White House, but reports from Breitbart staff indicate that he’s taking aim at Jared Kushner and preparing his staff for a fight against Donald Trump.

Ten sailors went missing following a collision between the USS John S. McCain and a Japanese cargo ship. Trump’s response was “That’s too bad.”

Don’t let the fact that it’s been relatively quiet about Russia the past few weeks be confused for being wrapped up with nothing found. I saw a meme over the weekend talking about the “panic of the week” coming from liberals about Trump. Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Nazis.

Here’s something to think about…

We have a President who is unable to execute the duties and responsibilities of the office, who has violated his oath to protect the Constitution many times, who worked with Russia to steal the election, who used nuclear war to distract from his personal legal troubles, and last week came out in support of the Klan and Nazis.

And you want to make memes cause “librul tearz, ‘Merica”?

I wrote and deleted several responses here, all of which were vulgar, offensive, and some that may not be anatomically possible. I do have restraint after all.

Expect the next week or so to have some scathing articles coming from Breitbart and the Right Wing Media. Some of these will bring into question Trump’s fitness. The case for the 25th Amendment will start to be made on the Republican side of the aisle. There’s been no news from Mueller’s team, which is par for the course. His team is very quiet. All of the info gathered to this point has come from the defense team.

I’m calling it a night. Trump is supposed to have a speech about increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, but I’ve got a bad feeling it’ll go south, and I’ll cover it tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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