Daily Check-In 8/18/2017

Friday is here! Nothing happens on a Friday.

Oh, what was that?


Steve Bannon is one evil fuck. And a traitor to the Republic. He was, and is going back to, Breitbart, a Right Wing Media outlet that pushes a nationalistic and white supremacist agenda. They are one of the largest and most influential voices of the Alt-Right.

And now he’s officially out of the White House. At least officially.  It’s kind of weird how things are working out, and how the chips are falling, but anyone who’s watched the past 2 years with Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, and everyone else Trump has separated himself from, there’s still some contact.

This puts Steve Bannon in a dangerous position.  He’s back at Breitbart, with Mercer money, and Trump fame, to spread his message of hate.  Assuming that’s what he wants to do.

That assumes he’s interested in it.  He might just want to attack Trump for leaving him twist in the wind.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this falls.  Bannon’s past is one gigantic pile of pain.  Nothing good comes from him.  He’s been accused of domestic abuse, committed voter fraud, used a meth den as a permanent address, and no one really knows why he had a bathtub full of acid.  He’s had a hand in many evil practices, from Gamergate to Russia, and that doesn’t even include the racist or sexist stuff.

I’ll go into more detail on Bannon later, since that sick bastard deserves several write-ups, and I need to get to a couple other things today.

Everyone’s most hated Vulture Capitalist, Carl Icahn, quit as Trump’s special economic advisor.  Moments later, the New Yorker released This Story about whether he was in the position to improve the country, or line his pockets.  My guess, based on past behavior, was that his actions were as American as Vodka in the morning.  I think he used Trump’s racist behavior as a cover to escape when he did.

Several other groups and people resigned today.  Kal Penn, along with 15 others resigned from the President’s Committee on Arts and the Humanities. One of the best trolling moments of this mass resignation, is that the paragraph’s starting letters spell RESIST.  The White House’s response was childish at best.  Trump’s answer: I was going to terminate the council anyway.  This is three times in as many days that councils disbanded, and he pulled the “You can’t quit because I’m firing you” routine.  The Unemployment Board must love him.

There was a big pow-wow at Camp David today, where Eric Prince was supposed to pitch to the Joint Chiefs a proposal for having him run the Afghan war for $10 Billion a year using a private army, reporting to him as a Viceroy of Afghanistan.  Fortunately, with Bannon’s firing, H.R. McMaster prevented Prince from entering the meeting.  Eric Prince is the human excrement behind Blackwater in Iraq and the mercenary armies in Libya.  He’s also Betsy DeVos’s brother, and was the go-between in the Seychelles Islands backchannel meeting in December 2016.  Not only would his plan make him a very wealthy man, but would essentially set him up as a…, well, a Prince.

On the Mueller front, rumor has it that he’s looking to interview a bunch of people in the West Wing, current and former staffers.  This could explain some of the erratic behavior.  He’s close to Trump.

I’m not sure what the next week will hold.  Hell, I’m not sure what tonight holds.  Bannon’s firing puts a lot of things in motion.  The Mercer’s, SCA, and Breitbart on the playing field, but we don’t know what side they’re on.  If they’re even on a side in the first place.  Trump’s support is very low, and the official poll numbers won’t come out until early next week.  Impeachment talk is becoming louder from the Democrats and Independents, and even the Republicans are using the word.

We’ll just have to  keep our mind in the middle while our butt spins round and round. Cause there sure as hell ain’t no clown on this bull ride.

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