Daily Check-In 8/4/2017

It's Friday. Let's see what happened today …

The DOJ is trying to crackdown on the White House leakers, and have even threatened to subpoena journalists to give up their sources. Nixon tried the same thing, it didn't work.

Speaking of the Nixon Speed Run, rumor has it that the Trump Administration wants to administer lie detector tests to the staff. Once again, Nixon tried this, but much further along.

This one came out late last night, but Michael Flynn updated his employment disclosure form with two very important entries, Cambridge Analytica, and their parent company SCL. CA was the data mining company that micro targeted voters for propaganda and, allegedly, modified hacked voter rolls provided by Russian agents. SCL is owned by Rebekah Mercer, GOP billionaire donor and conspiracy theorist, and has Steve Bannon as a board member. Both companies were also involved with Brexit. This ties Mercer money to nefarious activities.

Speaking of money, the Dallas News just broke a story about Len Blavatnik, a Ukrainian National with close ties to Putin and the Oligarchs (cool band name by the way) and who is also a dual U.S. and U.K. citizen, donated $7.5 million to Trump and several GOP senators last year. More details here.

International diplomats are laughing at Trump… again. Following the release of transcripts of his conversations with foreign leaders was leaked to the press, several Mexican diplomats were seen talking and laughing about Donald Trump. "The opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. He talks loudly and carries a small stick." Ouch.

Mike Pence finally released all of his official work emails he had worked from his AOL mail account. Except for the personal ones. Yes, not only did Pence do the same thing aaa HRC's Buttery Mails, but he still has an AOL mail.

There's a power struggle going on in the White House with McMaster against Bannon and Seb Gorka. By a completely unrelated coincidence, there has been a 5300% increase in #FireMcMaster by Russian trolls and bots.

I hope to have "How Trump Won the 2016 GOP Primary" up by tonight.

Finally, I have two corrections to address.

A couple days ago, I said the amount of money designated to fight Russian propaganda was $80 billion. It's actually $80 million. Still a lot, but not three orders of magnitude larger.

Yesterday, I kept spelling impaneled wrong. It's with an I, not an E.

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