Daily Check-In 8/2/2017

Wednesday is here.

Trump signed the Russian Sanctions bill…finally. His office released a statement or two claiming that it was unconstitutional, and that he built a billion dollar business empire. Yes, he bragged about himself in a press release about a bill he doesn't like. Don't be surprised if he tries to fight this in the courts.

Pathological lying is often a side effect, or at least strongly associated to, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD often create their own narratives of how everyone loves them, and their actions are always right. Just ask the Director of the Boy Scouts of America. Trump claimed that the director called to apologize about any criticism and claimed it was the biggest and best crowd they've ever had. The director, along with several assistants, deny that any call took place. Liars gotta lie.

The overall narrative is changing from asking whether there was collusion to how much was there. This is only going to heat up through the rest of the summer.

Jim Comey just signed a book deal, with a release set for next spring. It will cover his life, work, and everything else that isn't declassified yet.

I'll update if/when anything else happens.


Rex Tillerson refuses to spend $80 Billion earmarked to fight Russian propaganda over fears it will upset them further. It's either a lame excuse for a cover-up, or he thinks appeasement is a good strategy. Ask Neville Chamberlain how that went.

Trump's team announced a new plan to cut immigration in half, and mostly for European countries. This was announced by Steven Miller. The neo-nazi, not the singer.

In a new Quinnepac poll, Trump's approval rating fell even further, to 33% approval versus 61% disapproving of him and his actions. More importantly, support among his own party is down to 76%. Ic the total falls into the twenties, or his party below 60, expect open talks of Impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment to pick up steam. If there's one thing Congressional Republicans put over party, it's their own jobs. They may get rid of Trump just to save their butts.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick was removed from the National Security Council today. Ezra was reportedly Mike Flynn's eyes and ears, and was the person who leaked classified intelligence to Devin Nunes. Devin was the head of the HIC, but wasn't cleared to see this particular piece of intelligence. It's also when the unmasking brouhaha began. It's being rumored that Devin was shown SIGINT, signals Intelligence like a recorded phone conversation, gathered under a FISA warrant, where Devin was unmasked talking to a foreign agent.

Twitter is talking about how a few higher ups in the Alt-Right movement with ties to Bannon and/or Trump are being subpoenaed. Also, the Republican National Committee ordered their staff to preserve all information relating to last year's campaign. That is a tell-tale sign that someone received a subpoena.

My next big story I'm working on, assuming nothing too crazy happens, is about how Trump won the GOP Primary. I hope to have it up by Friday night.

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