Daily Check-In 7/24/2017

Today's check-in for Monday, July 24th, 2017.

President Trump continues to berate the Keebler Nazi, Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the press for recusing himself from investigating anything related to the campaign.

This comes on the heels of news from Friday night where it was leaked that the Intelligence Community has SIGINT (Signals Intelligence, like recordings of conversations and phone calls) of Jeff talking about campaign details with then Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The Rumor Mill's been saying these tapes existed for awhile, and that they may have been leaked to the press from inside the White House as an attempt to build a public case for Sessions' firing, allowing Trump an end-run attempt at firing Bobby Three Sticks, aka Special Counselor Robert Mueller III.

In Trump's tirades, he floated the possibility of replacing the Keebler Nazi with Rudy "Noun/Verb/9-11" Giuliani. This was shot down by Rudy himself in a CNN interview. Further, he went on to say Jeff Sessions did the right thing by recusing himself. Ouch. On top of that, according to the Rumor Mill, Rudy's up to his eyes in legal trouble, following the October FBI fiasco. More on that later.

Recusing is the legal term for removing yourself from the workflow due to a potential conflict of interest. It's very common in the legal world. If a lawyer worked for Lawfirm A, then left to become a judge, it would make sense, even be expected, that they shouldn't hear a case from an old client of theirs. In Jeff's case, he was a senior member of Trump's campaign team, and was placed into the spot where he was going to have to investigate himself.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may be on the verge of quitting. Word has it he's been upset for a while, he didn't want the job in the first place, and Trump attacking the Keebler Nazi may be the straw that broke the camels back.

Jared Kushner testified before a closed session of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee. In his testimony, he identified a couple more meetings that he had with Russians that weren't previously made public. In one of those meetings, a Russian gave him a literal bag of dirt. Say what you will about them, Russian spies know how to troll.

The new White House Communications Director, Anthony Scarmucci, is warming up nicely to his new job. By that, he caused Sean Spicer to rage quit, said a few bold face lies, and then outed Trump as the source of his craziest line of the weekend "Putin said that Russians didn't hack the election cause if they did, we'd never catch them." His next appearance will be in a Used Car Sales Lot in New Jersey as he waits for Futurama royalties.

Finally, the Senate gets ready to vote on their version of the health care bill, which could take away coverage from 32 million Americans while doubling premiums for everyone. This would kill 50,000 people per year. But the Koch Brothers would get a tax write-off!

That's it for today.

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